Client Reviews & Testimonials

 People from all walks of life have been visiting  Euphoria and this is what they have to say....
"That was wonderful- just what my body and mind needed! Complete relaxation...Thank you for being so nice too! I'll be back"
"Floating for the first time was an amazing experience. I will definitely be back and was extremely happy with the knowledge, customer service and atmosphere of the spa. I will be back and would recommend Euphoria to any of my friends and members of my gym!"
"So happy you are here. Complete release of shoulder and neck pain."
"I'm so happy I've discovered floating. It's really been a tremendous life saver at this point in my life. Euphoria is a beautiful place and they really go out of their way to make you feel welcome. They also thoroughly explain everything about what you do before your float and what to expect. I highly recommend trying it. You'll be surprised! If you have your reservations about floating, just contact them! They are very willing to answer any questions you may have about their service.
I'm very appreciative that Euphoria exists, as it provides me with a place to let go of my regular world bustle and chaos."
"A truly transformative experience for the body and mind."
"Not what I expected. Such an amazing and​ rejuvenating 
experience. I will definitely be back. Thank you!"

"Just had my first float! It was fun and relaxing like nothing I've ever done before. The staff was courteous and knowledgeable. Hope everyone gets a chance to come try this out! I will be back for sure."
"Today is the one year anniversary of my husband's death. Today I came as a first time floater to just lay back and try and remember his voice, his laugh, his smile. I was able to do all of that and more. I felt such peace and comfort in my grief. Thank you for allowing me that quiet time. Euphoria is not a strong enough word!"
"I came here for the first time to try a float- I have MS and deal with nerve pain, muscle pain, and body aches- it immediately went away when I hit the water, it was absolutely incredible. I will be back for more, no doubt!"
"I've been floating for about a year now and I am really excited to have such comfortable tanks so close now! I feel so relaxed in the tank. I forget about bills, work, and stress. I lose track of my body and can be more connected with my mind. I floated for 90 minutes and feel like I just woke up from a full night's sleep! Awesome experience, and awesome staff. Thanks guys, see you next week!"
"What a wonderful experience. Tanks are big enough for even someone as tall as I am (6'3") to get lost in and not to be interrupted by constant touching of the sides. I will be back often. Thank you Euphoria Float Spa."
"AMAZING- I had a surgery in 2012, and I've always had issues with mobility, since I was a child (I'm almost 36). For the FIRST TIME since my surgery- and honestly since I was a child I felt free in my body! I could move, float, and be comfortable in my body. I am so, so, SO grateful to Euphoria for this incredible experience- I will definitely be back!"
"Thanks for bringing the tanks to town. Nice float- do nice to stretch and move without gravity. I'll be back" ​​
"It was very, very, very...interesting! So many sensations, thoughts, and experiences. I will definitely be back! Hope to become a "regular."
"I transformed into superman a few minutes shy of the 90 minute period. Needless to say, floating = bliss."
"Thank you for the wonderful experience! It's so special to have time in one's day to be still and quiet :)  "
"I just had my first float today and am sold! From the weightless feeling to being able to completely control the sensory levels of the tank- it was a very unique experience and I will definitely be scheduling another appointment soon. Hannah was awesome and we appreciated her recommendations from her personal experiences. Highly recommended!"
"Feels like I just revisited the womb for an hour! It's amazing the  subtleties  of tension and stress that become noticeable in such an environment. Every cell in my body/mind has the opportunity to relax and open to its natural state. Such good medicine!"
"Crazy. I just finished my first float and it was awesome! The first five minutes went by slow, but then the next 55 were so fast. Definitely a great place to relax and set time for yourself! Wonderful experience and welcoming staff. I will be coming back for sure!"
"So much more than I expected! If I could float every morning before work I would. A float room has been added to my dream house layout. I've never been more relaxed. Wish it would last forever! Great place and great people!"
"Totally timeless, spaceless, sense of calm"​​
"I've floated before many years ago and it had such a calming effect on me. Now to do it again is amazing. All of my body pain stopped once I was floating. Then I could meditate freely and fully. Such an awesome feeling. My heart feels open and calm, my body feels peaceful and connected in all the right ways. I hope to use this as a healing  resource  regularly. Thank you folks, you make this place feel so comfortable and welcoming. Yay!"​​
"I loved it!!! Such a great experience. I am telling everyone! Thank you!"
"I have no words, no thoughts, just sheer bliss. Thank you"
"Today was a great day and the float was the icing on the cake. I can't say I thought about much but I felt like a blanket of love envelope my soul. Upon exit I feel like a balanced being. One love. "
"First float was today. Very interesting experience. Drifted in and out of different states of consciousness. Time seemed to move very slow but at the end of my 90 minutes it seemed like I had gotten in so recently. Wow."
"Wow. At times I was a fish. Other times a prehistoric bird. Coming back to reality is less starking every time unfortunately."
"Euphoria is the perfect word to describe the float! Many thanks!"